October 25, 2005

Trafalgar Anniversary in Halifax

This past weekend, I was in Halifax for a family gathering and took advantage of a sunny Saturday to visit the massive fortifications at the star-shaped Halifax Citadel (completed 1856 after 28 years of construction). Various celebrations and displays have been held in Halifax associated with Trafalgar ... hero worship of Lord Nelson was big business in a place like Halifax, the primary British naval base for the northwest Atlantic from 1749 onward, and which is still the main Canadian naval base on the east coast. The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic on the nearby waterfront is particularly worth a visit for its fine collection of Royal Navy and Canadian Navy equipment and memorabilia.

As part of the Parks Canada maintenance of the Halifax Citadel, a group of students perform sentry and tour duty during public hours in the kit of the 78th Highland Regiment (which went on to become the 2nd battalion of the Seaforth Highlanders). Only an aerial view of the Citadel can give a real sense of the scale and impregnability of the fortifications but the photo below of the sentry in front of the main entrance over the defensive ditch confirms they built it to last. Normally the long grass over the gun emplacements would be close cropped and vivid green however at this late point in the Nova Scotia season, they are letting it grow out.


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