December 09, 2005

Australia as a World Player

Interesting article by two Australian authors in a defence publication, on Australia's transition from a regional to a world player. Key quote:

In the short space of 4 years, Australia has transformed its ANZUS relationship from one where Washington viewed Canberra primarily as a “Pacific-centric” ally to a security relationship that is now regarded by the Bush administration as one of the signifi cant components of U.S. global strategy. During a recent visit to Australia, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage observed that Australia is “increasingly . . . a critical player on the world stage. This is true even if some Australians perhaps are uncomfortable seeing themselves in that particular light.”

The recent evolution of what many observers term an “Anglosphere” global coalition reflects this sentiment.

There's a lot more to the Anglosphere concept than the military coalition of three of the key Anglosphere nations. But it's not an insignificant development.

UPDATE: Here's another take on Australia's emergence as a world player.

Posted by James C. Bennett at December 9, 2005 10:41 PM


Is there any way ordinary civilians get get that article. I keep being told IU can't download it as I'm not in a .mil domain.



Posted by: Ralph Buttigieg at December 10, 2005 05:39 AM

I could access it fine, but it is a .pdf document.

Posted by: Renee at December 10, 2005 08:23 AM


Still getting error 403. Perhaps the site doesn't like address. I would appreciate it if some one would e-mail the file. address


Ralph Buttigieg

Posted by: Ralph Buttigieg at December 11, 2005 12:24 AM
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