December 16, 2005

The Sydney Riots and Appeasing Politicians

Melanie Phillips posts an intreseting discussion of the Sydney riots and the deep denial of the multiculturalists about it. She also links to and quotes from Tim Priest, a retired Australian police official, who critiques politically-driven appeasement of the Lebanese gangs. He says in part:

I don’t remember any charges being laid in conjunction with the gang rapes of south-western Sydney in 2001, where race was clearly an issue and race was used to humiliate the victims. But then, unbelievably, a publicly-funded document produced by the Anti-Discrimination Board called “The Race for Headlines” was circulated, and it sought not only to cover up race as a motive for the rapes, but to criticise any accurate media reporting on this matter as racially biased.

It's all must reading.

Posted by James C. Bennett at December 16, 2005 09:46 PM
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