December 19, 2005

The Wealth of the Anglosphere

Hat tip: Instapundit for this explanatory article in Reason.

Source: World Bank Report - Where is the Wealth of Nations?

Summary Stats for the "Big Five"

Country/ Population (mil)/ Total Wealth (US$ ,000 per capita)

AU 19 371
CA 30 324
NZ 3.8 242
UK 59 408
US 282 512

Anglosphere 393.8 472*
*weighted average by my calculation
Individual nations with per capita wealth more than $472,000 - Austria, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland. (total pop approx. 240 mil).

Question: Does the average Anglosphere wealth indirectly boost intangible wealth of four of the five biggest members of the Anglosphere through travel, communication/information, and education?

Note: for inclusive, strategic, and comparative purposes:

Country/ Population (mil)/ Total Wealth (US$ ,000 per capita)

India 1015 6.8
Ireland 3.8 330
Singapore 4 252
S. Africa 44 59

Posted by jmccormick at December 19, 2005 12:01 PM

I wonder if there is a critical mass effect? In things like financial services it helps to have a critical mass of players concentrated locally. Although the numbers for the Anglosphere nations don't scale perfectly, the larger populations would seem to support a level of activity that perhaps the smaller populations just can't. (Canada might also be anomolous because many of the indirect services are language-specific; therefore it is really two markets for indirect services, neither of which really at the critical-mass level that Canada's gross population figures would suggest?

Also, I wonder if a disproportional perccentage of New Zealand's indirect services are being provided out of Australia? Just as Canada may be two markets for indirect services disguised as one, maybe Australia and New Zealand are one market disguised as two.

Posted by: Jim Bennett at December 19, 2005 01:30 PM

If Singapore's part of the Anglosphere, shouldn't Nigeria be part of it too?

Posted by: Steve Sailer at December 21, 2005 03:06 AM
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